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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to search listings on or join a service? 

No. You do not pay any fees to search listings nor do you have to subscribe to any service. We do not retain or sell your name or personal information. 

What is the Public Listing Service? 

The Propex Public Listing Service (PLS) is like a Multiple Listing Service used by real estate professionals but it's use and access is not limited exclusively to real estate agents. Both agent and FSBO (For Sale By Owner) listings and rentals can be entered, edited, searched, and viewed "in extensive detail". You see, our search capability exceeds any currently available from any advertising media, any local or national real estate web site, or any publicly accessible real estate boards' MLS service. While some real estate companies would like you to think that their website is the best and only, in reality, most provide few search options for special features and most provide very little detail about a property referring you instead, to an agent for the information.    

What is a "quick" search?

Propex offers three search options, two of which are available for public use (quick and advanced search) while the third, a proprietary level, is designed for participating MLS Boards.  A "quick" search is designed to quickly identify available properties in a select area. Searchable fields include: property type, price range, area, building size, and so forth.

What is an "advanced" search?

An "advanced" search is an extension of the "quick" search. It allows specific searches for preferred amenities or unique features. For example, homes in a certain price range or monthly rent rate that offer a swimming pool or a fireplace, industrial or manufacturing properties that have a 20 foot ceiling height and 5 loading docks or, perhaps restaurants with a seating capacity of 250 or more.  

What is a "proprietary" search?

 A "proprietary" search encompasses all the same search capabilities as the "quick" and "advanced" levels available for public use but it's primary purpose is to serve as an administrative tool for participating real estate offices so that they may view commissions offered, generate management reports, monitor office production, and so forth.

What types of property can I find on

Essentially all property types of real estate. This includes home and apartment rentals, office buildings for sale or rent, industrial buildings, mobile homes for sale, mobile home space rentals, etc. - just about every kind of real estate you can imagine. is unique in it's ability to search all types of real estate. Of course, Propex Public Listing Service (PLS) is new and, like any new service, we will need time to grow and build the database. Be assured, we are committed to do whatever it takes to earn your trust and build the most comprehensive real estate listing service available on the web!

What is the Financial Summary? 

The "Financial Summary" contains certain information about a listing that the owner (or agent) may not want all viewers to see. It includes rental and expense data, assumption terms, terms of any owner financing that might be offered, selling incentives/commissions to buyers' or tenants' representative, exchange terms, and/or other details about the listing.

I am searching for home listings that offer owner financing but this information is not displayed. How do I access this confidential information (contained in the financial summary)?

At the owner's discretion, he/she may conceal certain financial information (such as terms of any owner financing offered) from the public. When an owner or agent enters a listing, he/she is given the option of entering a "view password". If a "view" password is entered, select (confidential) fields are concealed and an inquiring buyer or tenant must contact the owner to obtain the password before financial information can be viewed by the prospect.

The "view" password given to me by the owner/agent worked yesterday but does not work today. Why?

Anyone listing on propex has the option of editing their listing and/or change a viewer's password at any time. This provides a measure of safety to the property owner and serves as a mechanism to pre-screen applicants. Also, once a property changes to "pending" or "contingency" status, the owner may feel compelled to "lock out" other viewers.   

What if I am interested in viewing a property offered for sale or lease?

It is advisable to contact the owner or agent by email or over the phone before arranging an appointment. Uninvited drive-bys are discouraged and may offend the property owner.

What if the owner (or landlord) is not represented by a listing agent?

If you desire to inspect a property and the owner is not represented by an agent, they may request from you photo identification, phone numbers, and/or possibly address verification before showing you the property. Please do not take offense. Owners are encouraged to properly identify any prospect before showing their property. This "call back verification" process provides some level of safety to the owner and allows him/her to narrow the field of viewers to "serious" prospects. 

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